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We are a husband and wife team that love capturing life’s moments through pictures and video. We first met when we were working at a local Boys & Girls Club and have been married for over 10 years. For several years, we have had careers working directly with kids and love trying to keep up with them!  What have two amazing children and enjoy working with families and children at all stages of life.   Together, we love to go camping, skiing, be outdoors, spend time with friends and family, and go on new adventures. 


Kevin has been capturing moment thought video for over 15 years. He first started off by producing highlight films for his family’s NASCAR racing team. Being part of the pit crew as the Crew Chief AND the “tire guy,” Kevin not only found himself being an essential part of the team, but also as the team videographer. Kevin specializes in action and event photography, and presents his videos in a way that you will bring you back to the moments you experienced that day.


Elissa has been taking picture for years, but it wasn’t until she bought her first DSLR that she realized just how much she enjoyed capturing life’s special moments. Elissa has taken advanced photography courses to enhance her artistic eye and passion of photography. Elissa has the passion for natural light photography and has creative approach that has naturally evolved through her work with kids.

As a team, we love working together, meeting new people and enjoy new challenges. We look forward to meeting you! Thank you for visiting!

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